ABIS Security Investigations (Pty) Ltd

Paul van der Merwe | SAPAVSA-146 | 082 430 2937 |

I utilise AVSAPRO as a product for detecting deception on candidates. I conduct pre-employment screenings, periodic screenings, and incident examinations.

During the 4 years that I have used the AVSAPRO system I found it more user-friendly than any of the previous systems, as well as more accurate with far less possibility of operator errors. I view the system as highly accurate as proven during my time as a qualified examiner.

I score the system AVSAPRO a 10 out of 10.

Badger Group South Africa

Hans & Michelle Botha | SAPAVSA-026 | 072 187 9898 |

We have our own security company where polygraphs were originally outsourced and we got to a stage where we were not satisfied with the knowledge of the examiners.

We did our research, and AVSAPRO was our only choice for many reasons:

Clifton Coetzee the developer and instructor of AVSAPRO, was our first choice 5 years ago and we have not looked back since.

AVSAPRO is a user-friendly program with no space for human calculation errors. Excellent training and 24/7 personal back up service from AVSAPRO is part of our service to our clients.

Although biofeedback was originally used all the clients accepted AVSAPRO after seeing the results.

Product experience 10/10

Level of service received from AVSAPRO Global 10/10

Fidelity Security

Bertie Harmse | SAPAVSA-021 | 072 466 0796 |

I received my training in May 2016 in Johannesburg from Francois Kritzinger who is the head polygraphist of Fidelity security group. The training received was for the AVSAPRO Voice Stress Detection (VSD) program as I was already trained on the Lafayette LX4000.

The training material were very well set out and understandable. On day four I already conducted practical tests with Francois on sites.

The program of AVSAPRO itself is very user friendly. Whenever I had problem with the program, the support structure was very quick with assistance.

I was trained for one day by Cliff Coetzee on the new polygraph program, the Stoelting CpsPro Fusion system. It is very user friendly and also has its own calibration in the system before every test.

During 2018 I had a lot of problems with my laptop, and I must give credit to Luke Phelps who was always willing to assist with technical support. Never were there any complaints in regards of helping, the support team in my eyes deserve a 10.

Halfway Toyota
Vincent de Beer | SAPAVSA-160 | 082 319 6202 | SA Polygraph Academy has been helpful and hands-on right from the start. I personally learn better by asking questions. This is frustrating to some but during our training Cliff and Luke did their best to accommodate this. Once our training was done and I started doing tests on my own they were only a phone call away or in some cases a “TeamViewer” away. I personally find the AVSAPRO my preferred way of testing. I will definitely recommend the AVSAPRO team from SA Polygraph Academy to anyone wanting to go into this field.
H.R. and Associates

Heinrich Richter | SAPAVSA-127 | 082 895 3854 |

I received training in both the AVSAPRO and Polygraph software respectively during 2007 and 2008 by Clifton Coetzee and am a registered member at SAPAVSA.

Exceptional support, guidance and assistance have been received from Mr. Coetzee whenever needed. Graphs send for a 2nd opinion are returned timeously without any delay and Mr. Coetzee was, and is always approachable for any support and discussions pertaining to a specific incident or on feedbacks of graphs sent to him.

My experience with Mr Coetzee is that he maintains an open-door policy and his advice is always not to deviate from trained procedures during an examination. I have conducted thousands of tests as an examiner with exceptional results and satisfied clients.

This achievement was possible with good training and continuous support from Mr Coetzee when needed.

Lodge Security

Matthew Dyball | SAPAVSA-107 | 082 786 2606 |

It is with great pleasure that I am writing this letter of recommendation with regards to services provided by SA Polygraph Academy, AVSAPRO Global.

Lodge Security have been using the SA Polygraph Academy since 2009 for software and training requirements and we have always been completely satisfied with their performance. I would like also to thank Mr. Luke Phelps for his passionate training session, continued support and patience with my team (even after hours).

I’m happy to recommend the service of SA Polygraph Academy. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Prestige Polygraphs
Roelof Wepener | SAPAVSA-130 | 082 895 3854 | I received my training from SA Polygraph Academy in 2017. Both instructors, Clifton Coetzee and Luke Phelps made me feel at home while I received my training and they went over and above the training, they made me feel like part of their family. The training was superb and not only do they train you inside the academy, they also prepare you for the real world by taking you to test real subjects as the calls came in for incidents. I was trained on both Voice stress and Biofeedback Polygraph and both platforms help me out so much in my business as I am versatile and the client can choose which polygraph, he prefers. The AVSAPRO and CPS Pro are two great products and I never have any problems with either system which makes testing a candidate a pleasure. Not only was the training a great experience but the support afterwards was even better. I contact them on a regular basis at any time with any problem and they are very quick to respond and help me out. My whole experience with SA Polygraph Academy was something I would never forget and has changed my life. Thank you, Cliff and Luke, you opened up a whole new world for me.
Primal Echo
Silke Kaiser | SAPAVSA-004 | 083 226 6228 | I trained with Cliff more than a decade ago, and we have come a long way since then. Cliff continued to support me, even on the days that I became high maintenance, and never failed to answer the many questions I had even after I had completed my training. Because of Cliff, I went on to work on farm attacks extensively, and even wrote a book on my experiences which became a best seller. The system is so simple to use. When I did my training in 2005, I asked Cliff why the system did not score itself. When he called me in 2011 to say there was a self-scoring system available, I snatched it up and have been using it with great success since 2013. Viva Avsapro. Viva Cliff Coetzee.
Professional Risk Assessment

Lourens van Staden | SAPAVSA-148 | 082 907 7731 |

I have been fortunate to attend the AVSAPRO and BFP courses through Cliff Coetzee at the SA Polygraph Academy in Western Cape, South Africa. And I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor/instructor than Cliff Coetzee himself.

At first, I conducted the AVSAPRO course about 4 years ago. Being in the truth verification industry since 2005, I was surprised by the professionalism, knowledge and skill that Cliff and SA Polygraph academy conducted themselves with. No one is near them as far as I am concerned.

This AVSAPRO product is very user friendly and operative.

Since I am part of the SA Polygraph Academy team, I have received the best back up and support. SA Polygraph Academy is always available to assist, whether it is technical issues or just advise in general.

As a truth verification specialist, I am now capable to deliver an excellent service in a very competitive market with the support of the SA Polygraph Academy team.

If I had to rate them for product experience/knowledge, I would give them 10/10!

And if I had to rate them for level of service it is a big positive 10/10!

The Truth Tracker
Kobus Laas | SAPAVSA-095 | 082 372 6357 | During 2015 I came across a course in Voice Stress Detection that was presented by Cliff Coetzee. I then did research on the subject and decided to attend the course. It came as a surprise that immediately after our telephone conversation he started sending me comprehensive documentation for pre-study purposes that was of such high standard that when the course started, I was completely prepared. The course was presented in a very professional manner and of a high standard and prepared me to be an exceptional examiner. The AVSAPRO program itself is a scientifically validated program and the accuracy of the test rests solely on the shoulders of the examiner. A year later I also attended the Bio-Feedback Polygraph course also presented by Cliff where I experienced the same level of standard and professionality. I can vouch for any of the courses conducted through the South African Polygraph Academy as they compare well if not better, with any of the other institutions conducting courses of this nature. The after-course support, I have received and am still receiving from the tutors of the SA Polygraph Academy is outstanding.
Valo Truth Verification
Armand van Wyk | SAPAVSA-019 | 084 741 2845 | I am writing this review to recommend the excellent services of the South African Polygraph Academy (SAPA). SAPA has been working with myself and Fidelity Security Services for more than 15 years and has been providing truth verifications services and training. SAPA has really helped me and our company throughout the years. I am confident about the services of SAPA and I can surely recommend the services. The reputation of the services of SAPA has grown to be quite high. I have also determined that the AVSAPRO system’s training and support significantly outshines any others in terms of reliability; reputation, affordability, and support. Since my earliest involvement with Cliff Coetzee and Luke Phelps, I have found their company to be world class in many ways. Their representation of SAPA products to our mutual customer base has always been fair, courteous and above all, professional in every respect. Please accept this review as my personal and professional endorsement SAPA as an outstanding service provider.