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Training in voice and/or biofeedback polygraphy is provided by appointment. We have the only  multiple polygraph manufacturer accredited instructors in South Africa.

Prices on application

Voice Polygraph: (VP)

  • A one week module.
  • Course material covers all the essentials required to produce high quality, reliable results.
  • Biology, psycho-physiology, psychological set, Complete pre-test, in-test and post test procedures, Question Constructs, Software Instruction.
  • Embraces original polygraph methodologies.
  • As the software utilises a neural network processor (Artificial Intelligence) the training module is shortened considerably.  This technology performs 90%  of the work and delivers same accuracy levels as traditional polygraph

Biofeedback Polygraph: (BFP)

  • Four week module. Week one is the same as Voicestress Detection module.
  • Weeks 2 to 4 are BFP specific.


  • Four week course
  • For qualified and Certified VP Examiners, the transition to BFP requires only ONE week certified training instruction.
  • For candidates with no previous DOD testing qualification, the BFP module runs to Three weeks. (limited to two candidates) (Four weeks for 3-4 candidates)
  • Training covers History of polygraph, biology, psychology, psycho-physiology, legal aspects – in the South African context of law and specifically labour law.
  • Pre-test, in-test and post-test methodologies. Our fail-safe psychological set prevents any subject errors during Comparison Question response capture.
  • We teach only the most reliable Question Constructs as per all contemporary, validated and peer reviewed polygraph research.
  • We insist on extensive workshop practice, to ensure failsafe testing when the candidate is released.
  • We teach all aspects of scoring and analysis of scores.
  • As we do not wish to waste precious time by sitting watching each other read background material, we provide mandatory pre-training reading. The candidate will be examined to ensure that he/she has in fact studied his/her notes.
  • At the culmination of training, besides mandatory interaction with your instructors, you will be introduced to other examiners (area permitting) to start up your own backup network.
  • Our after-training support is open ended.

Please contact us for pricing or other details, on  info@sapolyac.com