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Business Risk Management

Corporate authorities do not realise that security is their responsibility. In  the end, the buck stops at the highest rung of the corporate ladder.

  • Security is not only a technical or hardware issue. It is a business issue.
  • Every Security Plan must be based on a full Security Risk Assessment report.
  • Security is a multi-level discipline.
  • There is no quick checklist or “off the shelf” solution.
  • Risk Management and Security Risk Assessment is not the same thing.
  • Security Policies need to be easily understood by all employees, not just management.
  • Your security and assessment document needs to be audited every 2 – 3 years.
  • Your security structure must be information based.
  • The importance of Security Awareness is not realised.
  • Security Managers are not empowered with the correct infrastructure or tools to perform their duties optimally.
  • Your OHS* report and the Security Risk Assessment are not the same. Both of these are essential.
  • The same person cannot be employed as the Security Manager, the Health & Safety Officer or the Emergency & Disaster Planning Manager.
  • Risk assessment is vital for Emergency & Disaster Planning and Management.

We have over 30 years experience in business risk assessment. Many companies take for granted that  “everything is okay” and the staff always act in the interests of the company. The reality is entirely different.  It usually takes an outsider to spot the frailties in systems and security. SA businesses lose Rand billions annually resulting from fraud, theft and failure to exercise due care.

Often, good systems are put into place, and over time become ignored as being unwieldy and an obstacle to errant behaviours. Give us a call. We can help. Our rates are surprisingly reasonable.

*Occupational Health and Safety